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Keep Tabs On Your Property

Install a video surveillance system in Carrollton or Addison, TX

It's important to protect your property from intruders or suspicious activity. With the help of a video and camera surveillance system from Proactive Security Inc., you can keep eyes on your every day.

We provide Carrollton & Addison, TX residents with HD-quality camera and video surveillance equipment and installation services. Our team can help you choose the cameras that work best for your needs and install them in the right places. That way, you can always know what's happening around your property.

Protect your property with high-quality cameras from Proactive Security. Speak with us now about scheduling your installation.

Why work with Proactive Security for your security needs in Carrollton or Addison, TX?

Many companies sell cameras, but only Proactive Security offers the level of quality product and service that you deserve. When you work with us, you'll get:


  • Custom solutions for your security needs
  • Top-quality camera surveillance tools
  • Quick and easy camera and system installation



Don't put your video surveillance needs into the hands of just anyone. Rely on a trustworthy company like Proactive Security to outfit your property with the right cameras. Call us today to schedule a consultation at your home or business in Carrollton or Addison, TX.